If I am new to Pilates, where is the best place to start?
I suggest starting with the New Pilates Client Package, especially if you are signing up for equipment classes— it is required that you have a basic working knowledge of the equipment and basic Pilates, which means at least 1 private lesson. Even if you plan to participate exclusively in group mat classes, a private (or semi-private) lesson is helpful.
The private session is an effective way to accelerate your body awareness and learn the correct form needed to optimize your future Pilates class work.

Why consider equipment classes?
The apparatus puts you in positions that gives you better body control and allows for better body awareness and feedback. The additional resistance provided by the springs provides resistance that your body can work against.

Can I see results if I only attend mat classes?
Absolutely; it’s a good place to learn the fundamentals of movement and the language of Pilates. That is why it is essential that a knowledgeable instructor assists you with the correct form.

Do you suggest mixing both mat and equipment classes?
Yes, because the two different venues feed off of each other. Take the muscle memory gained from one and directly apply it to the other, increasing your ability to perform the movements correctly. Besides, it is fun and keeps things interesting to mix it up! For those that fall in love with Pilates like I did and want to transform your body, learn more about The Transformational Package.