CClark Pilates StudioEarlier sunrise means it’s time to move the body.

I hope you have been enjoying our extended winter wonderland. Good For You!

Spring brings may changes to our world around us: cold and snow followed by warmth and sunshine, often breezy. These changes are familiar, sometimes unsettling.

To balance out all of this change, Ayurvedic practice would suggest it might be a good idea to add some structure or routine in order to keep one centered.

Nothing like Pilates to provide some routine and structure in your life!

A good practice would be to schedule two classes per week.

For Spring I am offering an unlimited mat classes This special will run through May 31st for only $40. Essentially, this is the same offering I provided last Fall through Groupon.

Call 920-410-0026 or
(24 hrs before scheduled class)
to register