One second pilates

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Share and Like this post please. I’m the kind of person that goes to a yoga class and I always find one thought to take with me that I can apply to almost what ever I’m doing. Pilates, as it relates to asana yoga, is not that much different.

For those that don’t know, very simply, asana yoga practice is concerned about the postures, correct skeletal alignment, and, correct muscular energy in a way that is right for you, not unlike Pilates.

Pilates and Asana Yoga deal with the physical body. In both practices, with the correct practice of alignment and intention, one will become stronger, and though I dislike the way the notion of the word “flexible” is often experienced, more “flexible.”

In both practices, one can prevent injury, overcome injury, apply new found strength and “flexibility” to recreation and laborious physical activity. In short time, noticeably improve one’s posture and stamina.

why go to yoga batman

I recently saw this image on Facebook, source unknown. I mean: Duh?!

I modestly have a 200 CYT teacher training under my belt, though nothing as compared to the trainings and experience that Cathy has as a Pilates’ instructor. What I’m getting at here is asking: why does anyone go to any yoga class or Pilates class? Of course there are a billion reasons, but I wonder if one good reason near the top of the list is to find that one little tidbit to take home with you and apply it to your day to day life.

Cathy and I joked last week, about how one might market this idea to her Pilates clients. I exclaimed that with everyone’s busy lives, it seems those little nuggets of experience that can make a difference in your day to day life seem like an afterthought, if one at all, as to why one would attend a yoga or Pilates class.

Maybe you’ve seen the first genesis of our discussion as Cathy posted her first One Second Pilates tip this morning on Facebook: My one second Pilates lesson for today….Navel to spine. Easy!

That seems funny, but really, I think that is the whole point. As a student, the class experience surely has value, but personally, I found more value in the thought I could take home with me and put into practice.

pilates, teaser, neenah, wisconsin,Cathy’s one second Pilates tip exemplifies exactly what I mean. Come on, how many of you reading this now, by thinking about naval to spine, for just one second, are sitting up a little bit straighter.

When one integrates these thoughts into your day to day, the class experience remains fertile ground.

I hope all benefit from these one second tips, and lucky for us, there are plenty more. The tips are nice, better than no reminder at all. And, this is where the class experience itself comes into play.

In the class experience, one learns a more complex application of the thought. The tip reminds you: Naval to Spine. The complex elements deal with breathing, muscular attention, and mental focus in order to maximize the benefit of the thought.

You can’t get that at home. You need an instructor to help find what’s right for you.

I’m pretty discriminating from whom I receive yoga instruction. It matters to me. While all instructors in my experience have the finest intentions, I often find a class lacking in personal attention. Early on, I took it upon myself to learn via my own study and practice to learn yoga fundamentals. I sought out instructors that were right for me.

That’s one of the differences in how yoga is practiced now-a-days. The current yoga class dynamic takes away the agreement between instructor and student, which historically was one to one.

Unlike asana yoga, Pilates instruction maintains its near one-on-one relationship between teacher and student.

Classically, asana yoga is a medicinal regimen, or more encompassing, a yoga student would learn from a guru one of the various six classical yoga studies. Alas, economic realities drive the proliferation of the class experience in western culture.

Pilates is accessible to everyone.The benefits from attending one class, maybe your first class or attending for remedial work can offer nothing but attention to one’s good health.

We all know Cathy is the best, right? I’m hopeful that these One Second Pilates thoughts are something that we all benefit from.

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