CClark Pilates StudioHello friends and supporters of CClark Pilates Studio.  I’m hoping everyone is having fun scurrying around trying to get all your last minute details done before the Official start of the Holidays.  I know I’m ready to be done and to have some fun.  Plus down time with friends and family.  Which brings me to why I’m writing this.  I’ve decided that it’s time better spent relaxing, skiing (if there is snow up north) and eating cookies  the week between Christmas and New Years. So I’m taking a break for the holidays. My last class for 2012 will be my 8:15 am class on Monday the 24th. Classes begin in the new year on the 2nd of January with my regular schedule.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start to 2013. I’m hoping to meet new people and help anyone who comes my way to learn the great art of Pilates, both mat work and equipment.  I’m also looking forward to starting some more advanced mat classes where all of you who have been coming for the last 2 months can start to really see what you are made of!

I’m also looking forward to more students getting on the wonderful equipment I have, either through group classes or privates and semi-privates.  Equipment is a whole new way to challenge yourself and takes skill and concentration to pull it all together!

So,  I’m wishing you all Happy Holidays and great fun with friends and family!

Cathy Clark