Chuck near Mogollon in New MexicoIf you’re reading this on Facebook, I have a deal for you: start off by “LIKING” this post and I promise I won’t disappoint you. Do we have a deal? If you really want to impress me, you could share the post AND like it. That would be impressive. There is definitely method to my madness, but lets get on to it: some of Cathy’s favorite things.

What Cathy loves and finds as her favorite things will give you some insight into Cathy Clark as a person, a Pilates instructor, and an authentic business woman. The first thing that comes to mind about what Cathy loves, is not a what, but whom: it’s her family, brothers and sisters, her daughter and her mom, especially her nieces and nephews. Cathy loves and misses her father who passed away some years ago.

Cathy at bicycle tour of ColoradoCathy loves the great outdoors. Those that know her know this already. In spending five years living in Utah, she’s visited red rock country many times and camped in the majestic mountains of the great western states. She’s waded in these big western rivers.

These experiences paint her as part of a mosaic in a grand landscape. Literally, she is down to earth to the deepest part of her soul.

Cathy loves all seasons. You may have noticed she just changed her banner image on her Facebook page. That’s a place I nordic ski in Utah, Millcreek Canyon. I know she’s looking forward to skate skiing with her sister in northern Wisconsin as soon as a nordic ski area opens up. Is there any need to mention how good Pilates exercise prepares one for nordic skiing?

Cathy Loves Fly FishingCathy has a new summer and fall sport to love – fly fishing. Maybe I’ll tell you a fish story or two later. No matter what time of the year, Cathy will be enjoying the seasons.

You know she loves to ride her road bike. Cathy has some idea as to how this old master bicycle racer trains. If you’re going to be fast, you have to be strong and lean, and, stay in balance. Pilates can help you get there.

Note to all the cyclist in the area, bicycling is an asymmetrical sport. You know that you spent all last summer working your body out of alignment. This is the time of the year to fix your body from bicycling. That’s what Pilates will do for you.

As the seasons change, so does the food. Cathy loves to cook, I think that’s a good thing. I remember she prepared a braised pork loin served with root vegetables paired with, if I remember correctly, a Spanish temperillo in the neuvo fuller style.

Of course, If you’re going to be drinking and loving wine with dinner, you have to love chocolate. Cathy’s favorite is a salted dark chocolate.

Some of her favorite snack foods are homemade popcorn with sprinkled with baker’s yeast and Bragg’s aminos. She loves eggs for breakfast.

She loves her her iPod. Her favorites are Lucinda Williams, John Hiat, and John Prine.

Cathy loves to road trip. She owns this awesome 1997 VW Eurovan that we took last February to Palm Desert for her advance Gyrokinesis training.

Cathy Loves the Packers so I guess that qualifies her as an official Packer’s booster.

Cathy loves to read. She is a prolific reader. I bet she’s in the middle of reading two or three books. That’s always a good conversation starter. If you’re running short of good book ideas as gifts, she’ll have a good one for you.

Cathy loves to knit. Knowing her, she’s in the process of making several hats as I write this.

Cathy loves to cheer-lead. What I mean by that is she is the best supporter I ever had when I’ve been racing my bicycle. She knows what to do and when to do it. And you can’t miss her during the race: she is the loudest!

Those passions tell some of the story of Cathy Clark. What I hope you gleam from them is that Cathy is a deeply caring compassionate person living life to its fullest. When it comes to her business clients, her Pilates students, you can be assured that she will provide you with the same character as how she lives her life: nothing for granted, striving for grand, enjoying the moment and loving every minute.

These are some of Cathy’s favorite things.